Conditioning Treatment

Color Gloss

A color gloss is applied to the entire head from scalp to ends. This will enhance color & shine. You can add this to any service to bring back tone and shine to dull faded ends.
$30 & up

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Add this to any service to help help nourish & repair dry or damaged hair.
$20 & up

Malibu Treatment 

A Malibu treatment helps remove excess build up in your hair caused from hard water, chlorine from swimming pools and water softeners. Hard water often contains calcium and iron. Iron is what makes lighter hair take on a coppery or brassy hue. If you are a swimmer or use the pool frequently, chlorine and copper can build up in your hair, causing damage. Copper is what causes light hair to take on a greenish cast. A Malibu treatment will effectively remove this buildup.
$25 & up


Helps with breakage & damage when you’re wanting to go lighter: $25 & up


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