Hello, my name is Audrey Van Velzen. I’m the owner/stylist of Audrey’s Hair Studio.

My passion for hair was passed down to me from my grandfather. I spent a lot of time as a young girl watching him cut hair in his shop. When the time came as a young adult to choose a career path I knew hair was in my future. I began beauty school in my early years of high school. After some time with my studies I then became a licensed cosmetologist and have continued on that path for the last 10 years professionally.

I specialize in corrective coloring, highlighting, cutting and styling. I will help you find that perfect look you have always wanted. I create dimension and movement in hair with techniques one can only attain with years of experience. I have an expertise in creating beautiful blondes. Finding that perfect tone of blonde is essential for every individual’s unique look.

We will always begin each session with a conversation about your hair. This is a necessary step to take in the process of creating just what you want. You will leave with a better understanding of your hair and how to style it at home. Together we will create your dream hair.


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